Lean Machine 3.5-4 oz (Fitness Portion)

Lean Machine 3.5-4 oz (Fitness Portion)

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Nutraleans Entrees

Control your cravings with these healthy alternatives


Skinny Buffalo Chicken Power Bowl


Cal:320 Fats:10g Carbs:23g/10g Protein:28g

Shredded fat free chicken breast

Light buffalo sauce stuffed

Topped with light ranch

Jasmine rice


Skinny Spaghetti

Cal:318 Fat:10 Carb:29/11 (zoodles) Protein:46/28

Lean 96/4 Italian ground beef

Slowly cooked tomato sauce

protein pasta


Shrimp + grits


Cal: 299 fat:5g Carb:20g Protein:23g

Perfectly sautéed shrimp

Fat free cheddar grits

caramelized onions + bacon

Savory veggies


Cheesy Salisbury Turkey Burger + Mash potatoes

Cal: 300 cal Fat: 8g Carbs: 21g  protein:31

Cheesy & herb stuffed Turkey burger

grilled veggies

Mashed potatoes

Cozy Shepherds pie 

Cal:310 Fat:9 Carbs:18 Protein:32

Rich in flavor lean beef 
Layered with earl peas, carrots, and low carb garlic cheesy mash 
Roasted veggies

Tropical Shrimp Curry over cauliflower or jasmine rice (in store only)

Calories:269/347 fat: 6g carbs: 11/20g protein: 30g

Sauteed Tropical Shrimp 

Pineapple Curry 

Lite Coconut Jasmine Rice 


Cauliflower Rice

Blackened Shrimp (mild heat) Bowl

Calories: 297 fat: 4g carbs: net 9/21g protein: 25g

Fresh Blackened Shrimp

Roasted Corn and Black Beans

Cauliflower rice


Jasmine Rice 

Campfire foil dinner

Cal:300 fat:10 Carbs: 28 protein:34

Tricolored peppers

Applewood Chicken sausage

Smoked Turkey sausage


Carb options: jasmine rice or Cauliflower rice

Cheesy Beef enchiladas 2 (3.5 oz protein each)

Calories: 290 Fat: 9 Carbs: net 11 protein: 30

Mexican seasoned Lean ground beef

Fat free cheddar

Low carb tortillas

Topped with enchiladas sauce and cheese

Hawaiian Teriyaki Pineapple Chicken Bowl

Calories:320 Fat:4 Carbs: 20 (rice)/10 Protein:32

Teriyaki Chicken Breast


Bellpeppers & Onions (optional)

Carb options: Cauliflower rice OR Jasmine Rice 


Sweet + Spicy Bowl Sweet Potato Power Bowl

Calories:320 Fat:4 Carbs: 23 Protein:32

South of the border 96/4 Lean spicy beef

Chili Lime black beans

Cubed & roasted sweet potatoes

Topped fat free mozzarella with fresh Cilantro


Pizza Bowl  

Calories: 300(low carb)/410 Fat: 8 Carb:11/32 Protein: 31

 3-4 oz 93/7 Italian seasoned lean turkey

 Fat Free mozzarella

 Zesty tomato sauce

Carb options: protein pasta OR Zoodles (zucchini noodles)

Fiesta Beef Bowl

Calories:360/263 Fat:13 Carbs:28/11 Protein:33

Mexican seasoned Lean Beef 

Sweet Fire roasted corn

Slow Cooked Black Beans

Fat Free shredded Mild Cheddar


Carb Options: Jasmine Rice -OR- Cauli-Rice (low carb)

Mexican Turkey, sweet potatoes + Black bean skillet (available in store)

Calories: 300 Fat:8 Carbs: net 25 Protein:38

Mexican seasoned lean turkey

Sodium free Black beans

Shredded cheese

Ancho chili’s

Roasted sweet potatoes

Enchilada sauce

Sodium free Rotel

Caribbean Jerk Chicken Bowl (not spicy) (available in-store)

Calories:289 Fat:10g Carb:18g Protein:25.1g

     Grilled Jerk Chicken 

    Fresh cubed Pineapple & Mango 

    Roasted Red Pepper 

    Topped with Pineapple Sauce & Avocado

    Carb Options: Jasmine Rice OR Cauliflower Rice




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