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Rise + Grind - Breakfast Options Package Deal

  • $20.00

Rise + Grind


These Delish morsels of happiness not only are MACRO FRIENDLY!
Making you feel nothing less of Lean Queen or Lean Machine!

Snack Packs

OG Energy Bites $3.50 (3 a serving)

Calories: 156 Fat: 7 Carbs: 17 Protein: 14
Oats, crasins, natural peanut Butter, vegan vanilla protein powder, rolled into a sticky sweet mixture.

*Gluten Free* Monster Energy Bites $3.50 (3 a serving)

Calories: 156 Fat: 7 Carbs: 17 Protein: 14

Gluten free oats, mini M&Ms, nut butter, vanilla protein powder rolled into a sticky colorful mixture.

PB&J Energy Bites $3.50 (3 a serving)

Calories: 156 Fat: 7 Carbs: 17 Protein: 14

Oats, freeze dried strawberries, crunchy natural nut butter, vanilla protein powder, rolled into a guilt free snack that brings back memories.

NEW Protein Peanut butter Cup Brownie $2.00

Cal: 105 Fat:1 Carbs: 14g Sugar:2.5g Protein:10g

Rich Dark chocolate and peanut butter filled brownies drizzled with suagr free chocolate icing and dusted with PB2.



Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Protein Donut•$2.50.

Cal: 115 Fat: 4g Carbs:13g Sugar:0g Protein:12g
Velvety chocolate protein mix, organic pumpkin puree,  baked into adorable donuts, drizzled with a sugar free + fat free cream cheese icing and dusted with spice.

🍁ITS BACK🍁 Samoa Protein Donut   

Calories: 112 Fat:4 Carbs: 13
Vanilla protein blend mix, baked into adorable donuts- drizzled with a sugar free caramel and chocolate & toasted coconut 

Key Lime Protein Donut•

Cal: 100 Fat: 1g Carbs:11g Protein:12
Fluffy golden vanilla protein mix,organic key lime juice and dusted with gram cracker crumbs.

Fruity Pebble Protein Donut•

Cal: 110 Fat: 1g Carbs:11g Protein:12g
Strawberry Protein Mix, baked and drizzled with sugar free icing and topped with fruity pebbles.


•Eggtastic Sandwiches 

Calories: 197 Fat:9 Carbs: 17 Protein: 15
Cage free eggs, Thin sliced Colby jack cheese, 2 slices of bacon, placed on a 100 calorie whole grain English muffin.

•Savory egg Frittatas•

•Low carb • Gluten Free•
Cal:200 Fat:5 Carb:2.9 Protein:16
Cage free eggs blended with bacon bits, fat free cheese, & green onions baked into Frittatas

**$2.50 each as add-ons to entrees. Sold separately 6 count $10.00 & 12 count $20.00
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