Weekly packages-

Weekly packages-

  • $150.00

Let’s take the guess work out of picking the entrees! 

You'll receive a variety of weekly entrees and/or breakfast items depending on the package you choose!


10 meals

10 meals + 5 Breakfast Items

14 meals + 7 Breakfast Items

5 Lunch or Dinner Meals + 5 Breakfast Items

5 Lunch or Dinner Meals + 5 Breakfast Items (scramblers)

5 Lunch or Dinner Meals + 5 Breakfast Items + 5 Energy Bite Snacks

Add any kind of custom needs in the comment box- such as allergies and intolerance's.

To choose the entrees yourself,

comment the entrees or breakfast items in the "instructions for seller" box


Healthy Alternatives

Nutraleans Entrees

Control your cravings with these healthy alternatives

Tropical Shrimp Curry over cauliflower or jasmine rice 

Calories:269/347 fat: 6g carbs: 11/20g protein: 30g

Sauteed Tropical Shrimp 

Pineapple Curry 

Lite Coconut Jasmine Rice 


Cauliflower Rice

Blackened Shrimp (mild heat) Bowl

Calories: 297 fat: 4g carbs: net 9/21g protein: 25g

Fresh Blackened Shrimp

Roasted Corn and Black Beans

Cauliflower rice


Jasmine Rice 


Hawaiian Teriyaki Pineapple Chicken Bowl

Calories:320 Fat:4 Carbs: 20 (rice)/10 Protein:32

Teriyaki Chicken Breast


Bellpeppers & Onions (optional)

Carb options: Cauliflower rice OR Jasmine Rice



Sweet + Spicy Bowl Sweet Potato Power Bowl

Calories:320 Fat:4 Carbs: 23 Protein:32

South of the border 96/4 Lean spicy beef

Chili Lime black beans

Cubed & roasted sweet potatoes

Topped fat free mozzarella with fresh Cilantro


Pizza Bowl  

Calories: 300(low carb)/410 Fat: 8 Carb:11/32 Protein: 31

 3-4 oz 93/7 Italian seasoned lean turkey

 Fat Free mozzarella

 Zesty tomato sauce

Carb options: protein pasta OR Zoodles (zucchini noodles)

Fiesta Beef Bowl

Calories:360/263 Fat:13 Carbs:28/11 Protein:33

Mexican seasoned Lean Beef 

Sweet Fire roasted corn

Slow Cooked Black Beans

Fat Free shredded Mild Cheddar


Carb Options: Jasmine Rice -OR- Cauli-Rice (low carb)


Mexican Turkey, sweet potatoes + Black bean skillet

Calories: 300 Fat:8 Carbs: net 25 Protein:38

Mexican seasoned lean turkey

Sodium free Black beans

Shredded cheese

Ancho chili’s

Roasted sweet potatoes

Enchilada sauce

Sodium free Rotel



Skinny Spaghetti 

Cal:250/360 Fat:10 Carb:29/11 (zoodles) Protein:46/28

Lean 96/4 Italian ground beef

Slowly cooked tomato sauce

Carb options: protein pasta OR Zoodles (zucchini noodles)


Caribbean Jerk Chicken Bowl (not spicy)

Calories:289 Fat:10g Carb:18g Protein:25.1g

     Grilled Jerk Chicken 

    Fresh cubed Pineapple & Mango 

    Roasted Red Pepper 

    Topped with Pineapple Sauce & Avocado

    Carb Options: Jasmine Rice OR Cauliflower Rice

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